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Clients, Awards, and Special Thanks below.

Clients Include:

  • Under 1 Roof Productions
  • MR Pictures
  • NBC SkyCastle
  • Sunny Spot Productions
  • Apples and Oranges Productions
  • Kennedy Center, Washington DC
  • Moonraker Game Studios
  • Korea National University of the Arts

Awards and Recognition: 

  • Par/Genus Project Spotlight: Gender Equality in Entertainment, 2016
  • Daily Deviation, 01, June 2015
  • Top 10 LA Theater Moments of 2012 for The City , directed by Matt McCray
  • LA Weekly Nomination in Production Design for The City , directed by Matt McCray
  • Daily Deviation feature - 27 Sept 2012
  • LAStage Ovation Award 2011 - puppet design for D is for Dog, directed by Sean Cawelti
  • Barbizon Nomination 2010 - costume design for Hotel Cassiopoeia, directed by Adrian Farris 
  • Barbizon Nomination 2010 - costume design for Hedda Gabler, directed by Paul Jackson
  • American College Theater Festival Region III:  
  • 1st Place, Collaborative Design 2010 - Elektra
  • 2nd Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2009 - The Tragical History of Dr Faustus
  • 1st Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2008 - Medea
  • 1 st Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2007 - M. Butterfly



Gwyneth is a costume designer, costume illustrator, and professional craftsperson living in Southern California. Gwyneth was awarded an LA Stage Ovation Honor in 2011 for the production D is for Dog with Rogue Artists Ensemble in Los Angeles, CA for puppet design. She continues to be an associate artist for their company. She also designed Son of Semele Ensemble's The City, named one of Los Angeles' top ten memorable theatre moments of 2012. Gwyneth has had the honor of working with Deaf West Theatre on their latest production, Flowers for Algernon, and is the head of crafts at South Coast Repertory, named one of the top ten regional theaters in the country, for their 2013-14 season. She has designed two original musical workshops bound for Broadway in as many years, Jasper in Deadland created by Ryan Scott Oliver, and Higher Education created by Tim and Pamela Winslow Kashani. She was honored to design Robert Cohen's final production of Waiting for Godot at his honorary festival. 


Collaborators Include: (Director) Cal MacLean, Ryan Scott Oliver, Mihai Maniutiu, Tim Kashani, Eli Simon, Matt McCray, Sean Cawelti, Robert Cohen, Tom Provenzano; (Choreographer) Galen Hooks, Lisa Naugle, Tong Wang; (Company) Deaf West Theatre, New Swan Theater Festival, Son of Semele Ensemble, Uranium Madhouse, Rogue Artist Ensemble, University of California Irvine, University of the Redlands, Bridge2Broadway, FiveRings Photography


Credits Include: (theatre) Romeo and Juliet, The Seagull, King Lear, Flowers for Algernon, Higher Education, After Troy, Fool For Love, Hedda Gabler, Hotel Cassiopeia, Edward II, D is for Dog, Jasper in Deadland, Zen Shorts, Waiting for Godot, Miss Julie, Anna Karenina, Man's A Man, The City, Big Love; (film) Erica, What It Is, All Earthly Constraints; (dance) Dance Visions 2012, UC Irvine Medal Dinner



Gwyneth has an extensive background in aging, dyeing, and distressing. She works as lead craftsman at South Coast Repertory throughout this year's season (2013-14). She has made masks ranging from leather to paper to lace for film, stage, gallery, and editorial photo shoots. Other areas of expertise are in ornamentation - custom trims, patterns, painting, beading - and millinery. She also works as a stylist and artistic director with FiveRings Photography. 

Designers Include: Nephelie Andonyadis, Holly Poe Durbin, Soojin Lee, Leah Piehl, Angela Calin, Julie Carr, Kaitlyn Kaufman, Joe Kucharski, Melody Brocious, Virginia Thorne, Sonya Berlovitz, Ann Closs-Farley. 


Special Thanks to:


  • Paul Kennedy
  • Tim Vo


  • Kelly Ruiz
  • Christina Sims
  • Jessica Dru Johnson
  • Allison Tan, Aura Solaris
  • April Buyer, Melissa Hand, Vensy March