Conaway is a member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892. She's a costume designer, fashion historian, and culture specialist living in southern California. Although she works primarily in historical and dramatic film, she also consults on costume simulation for major animation and gaming studios. She specializes in Marvelous Designer and garment model fit.

Considered an authority on the intersection between clothing and social psychology, Conaway is on the cutting edge of how the entertainment industry thinks about costume and culture as a visual language. She is often called upon to design and consult for conceptual projects in post-apocalyptic and fantasy settings. She was invited to give a talk at DreamWorks on fear and fashion, one of her particular areas of expertise. Conaway recently co-authored Talking Threads: Costume Design for Animators and Illustrators, set for international release through Design Studio Press in Fall 2019.

Conaway is faculty at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Her course, History of Fashion is the first of its kind. Geared directly towards entertainment design students, the class explores Conaway's burgeoning expertise: building cultures for film, television, and gaming from the ground up.

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Select Affiliations:

Costume Designers Guild Local 892 - Member

Art Center College of Design - Faculty

University of California, Irvine - MFA Costume Design Alumna

Clients Include:

  • Collaborators: Madison Lawlor, Montana Manning, Pamela Winslow-Kashani, Tim Kashani

  • Universal Studios

  • DreamWorks

  • NBC SkyCastle

  • Mr. Pictures Productions

  • Under 1 Roof Productions


  • Sunny Spot Productions

  • Apples and Oranges Productions

  • John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

  • Moonraker Game Studios

  • Korea National University of the Arts

Awards and Recognition: 

  • Par/Genus Project Spotlight: Gender Equality in Entertainment, 2016

  • Daily Deviation, 01 June 2015

  • Top 10 LA Theater Moments of 2012 for The City , directed by Matt McCray

  • LA Weekly Nomination in Production Design for The City , directed by Matt McCray

  • Daily Deviation, 27 Sept 2012

  • LAStage Ovation Award 2011 - puppet design for D is for Dog, directed by Sean Cawelti

  • Barbizon Nomination 2010 - costume design for Hotel Cassiopoeia, directed by Adrian Farris

  • Barbizon Nomination 2010 - costume design for Hedda Gabler, directed by Paul Jackson

  • American College Theater Festival Region III:

    • 1st Place, Collaborative Design 2010 - Elektra

    • 2nd Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2009 - The Tragical History of Dr Faustus

    • 1st Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2008 - Medea

    • 1 st Place, Unrealized Costume Design 2007 - M. Butterfly

Special Thanks to:


  • Tim Vo

  • Paul Kennedy


  • Kelly Ruiz

  • Christina Sims

  • Jessica Dru Johnson

  • Allison Tan, Sunshine Okano, Allison Kim, Vensy March