Valentine's Day Treat

What's an artist to do when her husband is gone on business for Valentine's Day? Take advantage of that culturally-bestowed guilt trip and go to ALL THE MUSEUMS. 


I was able to see some excellent stuff at LACMA and the Hollywood Costume Exhibit. Samurai textiles, Poiret textiles, Conversations on Abstract Expressionism, modern Arab art scene, the special Pierre Huyghe installation (which was also incredible, by the way)... But the nugget of my eye? Haunted Screens - an exhibit dedicated to that special dissonance in Germany between world wars, seen through film. 

And the best part? The exhibit included an array of sketches from M to Metropolis. I've included some of my favorite works below. Not to mention the Metropolis borg! vvvvvvv

Costume Designs by Ernst Stern for Waxworks, 1924 (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)